Openline is the brand created by the Ecosse Group to deliver high quality, keenly priced telecommunications services to resellers, dealers and direct customers. Ecosse Group was established in 1989 and is one of the country's leading providers of private payphones. Ecosse Group Payphones are in use in the Hospitality Industry, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Secure accommodation centres and Universities throughout the UK.
Openline has been established to pass on the benefits of Ecosse Group's bulk purchasing strength to resellers, dealers and direct customers wishing to exploit low cost telephony without compromising on quality. Openline has its own switches and connects to quality Tier1 telecom’s carriers.

In 2003 Openline opened for business in Ireland, offering a full range of dealer/Reseller solutions specifically designed for the Irish communications market. To find out more about dealer/reseller opportunities in Ireland click here